Announcing Online Retail Site Makeover by Reditus Consulting Embedding the dtSearch® Engine

Makeover results in exponential increase in online sales transactions for

Reditus Web Strategy Consulting, an online web strategy and development company, and dtSearch Corp., a leading developer of text search software for enterprise and developer customers, announce a highly successful implementation by Reditus embedding the dtSearch® Text Retrieval Engine for Reditus' client (BBE).

BBE tasked Reditus with enhancing the high-end eyewear retailer's online shopping site to attract more visitors and convert a higher percentage of sales. As a result of Reditus' comprehensive web analysis, shopping cart overhaul and implementation of the dtSearch Engine, BBE boosted its conversion rate and total online sales many times over. Said Daniel Kandler, president, BBE: "For any business to boost sales by 50% is a dream come true."

After analyzing BBE's online business, Reditus concluded its client would benefit from a more powerful and efficient shopping cart solution. The new shopping cart alone greatly increased BBE's total sales. While BBE was elated, Reditus continued its analysis.

"By studying how customers interacted with the e-commerce site, we recognized there were some process barriers that were translating into lost sales," said Yuval Karjevski, principal web consultant at Reditus. "When clients use your e-commerce solutions to showcase upwards of 40,000 products and cater to millions of visitors monthly, even the slightest improvement can significantly impact the bottom line."

One area that went under the microscope was the eyewear retailer's onsite search engine, which left a percentage of visitors unable to locate products that were, in fact, available on the site. Reditus upgraded BBE's online search component to the dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine. "Of all of the search engines we evaluated, we found dtSearch's advanced technology to be the fastest and most flexible," said Karjevski.

The developer component of the dtSearch product line, the dtSearch Engine provides .NET, C++ and Java APIs for custom programming by developers such as Reditus. The dtSearch Engine can index over a terabyte of text in a single index—as well as create and simultaneously search an unlimited number of indexes. Indexed search time is typically less than a second, even across terabytes of data.

The dtSearch Engine offers more than two dozen search options. After a search, the dtSearch Engine can highlights hits in popular web-based formats, while displaying links, formatting and images. The built-in dtSearch Spider supports static and dynamic web content, with WYSWYG hit-highlighting. The dtSearch Engine can also convert non-web-ready file types to HTML for display with highlighted hits.

"The dtSearch component alone is invaluable to our business," said Daniel Kandler, president, BBE. "It helps us ensure customers are finding our products. And, in the event we don't have what they're looking for, we can act on it and add desired products to our catalogues. It benefits our bottom line, promotes customer satisfaction, and helps keep our customers coming back."

"We welcome Reditus as an experienced dtSearch Engine developer," said Elizabeth Thede, Vice President of Sales, dtSearch Corp. "I checked out their search engine installation at, and promptly ordered two pairs of sunglasses."

As a final piece, Reditus integrated cutting edge tools to allow BBE to monitor search trends and manage custom content displays. "The eyewear industry is incredibly competitive, which made it especially important to let analysis and hard data tell the story rather than speculation," noted Mr. Karjevski. "Even the smallest miscalculation could put our client several steps behind their competitors."

"We're absolutely thrilled with the results, which far exceeded our expectations," said Mr. Kandler. "Best of all, thanks to the systems we now have in place, we're able to enjoy sustainable revenue and growth."

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