Professional keyword research

Before you do any search engine marketing, you need to know what search terms or ‘keywords’ potential customers are using to find products or services you offer. Keyword research and analysis can tell you exactly that. In fact, when done correctly, keyword research can provide you a foundation for unbeatable search engine optimization (SEO) and online marketing campaigns.

Not all keywords are created equal

There’s more to keyword research and selection than just choosing the terms that are most searched. You need to target the right mix of popular (i.e. marketing services) and long-tail (i.e. marketing services for small businesses in New York) search terms that are going to lure relevant online traffic to your website. Qualified visitors mean higher conversion rates.

Meanwhile, the wrong keywords can bring you the wrong visitors – if any – and provide little or no positive impact to your bottom line.

Keyword research process

Reditus puts far-reaching website promotion knowledge and experience to work for you so you benefit from the most effective keywords for your business and target audience.

Our keyword research process includes the following steps:

  • Explore search terms your customers are potentially using
  • Analyze keywords and phrases to determine their effectiveness
  • Compare keywords to the ones used by competitors
  • Strategically deploy the keywords across various channels on the Internet

All-inclusive keyword research report

Your keyword research report includes up-to-date data that drives the right Internet marketing decisions, including estimated traffic, competing sites, and the number and value of bids for each term.

Depending on your business and industry, our keyword research services usually produce between dozens and several hundreds of the best possible keywords and phrases for your SEO or online marketing campaigns.

Ongoing analysis for optimum results

Keyword effectiveness can shift monthly. Hence, to ensure optimum results, your keyword research and analysis may need to be continuously monitored and tweaked. That way, you can always be sure you’re several steps ahead of your competitors.

Enjoy new leads and sales

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