- Fashion Eyewear Retailer

Situation: (BBE), a high-end eyewear retailer, sought an online shopping cart solution to enhance its presence on the web and generate more sales.


The eyewear industry is incredibly competitive, which puts pressures on the BBE's profit margins. Consequently, to grow the business, the client needs to continually increase its sales numbers.


Upon a thorough analysis of the BBE's online business needs, Reditus introduced a powerful and efficient shopping cart solution. Sales increased immediately. However, additional analysis revealed the client's existing on-site search capabilities could be further enhanced to improve the site's conversion rate. Subsequently, new search functionality was added using advanced dtSearch technology. Reditus also integrated cutting edge tools to allow BBE to monitor search trends and manage custom content displays.


Within 5 weeks, BBE saw its conversion rate jump 7 percent, and total online business sales increase 23 percent. Additionally, the client now has valuable insight into what its market searches for and desires, and is able to instantly respond by highlighting appropriate promotions on its site.

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